Prime minsters questions

During prime minsters questions in the house of commons today, a question was put forward by a labour MP in regards to children’s services cuts (athough not specific to Norfolk, but does raise an important question).

Fiona Onasanya
Labour, Peterborough

Given the £1.2 million worth of cuts to children’s services since 2014 in my constituency, does the prime minister believe we have adequate resources for SEND in Peterbrough?

*SEND = special educational needs & disability

Theresa May
Prime Minister (Conservative)

We do take the issue of children’s services very seriously becuase all children no matter where they live should have access to high quality care, spending on the most vulnreable children has increased over £1 billion since 2010, but of course it’s not simply about money, it’s about how councils deliver good and excellent services, and we need to ensure everybody is delivering according to best practice, that’s why we are improving social work training, we are spreading innovation & best practice, and where councils aren’t delivering the standard of service we expect we will intervene to ensure they improve.


If you wish to view the full prime ministers questions session from today (Wednesday 24/10/2018) you can do so via BBC iPlayer –

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