Plans misrepresented…

Last week, the chairman of Children’s Services, Councillor Stuart Dark complained that the plans being presented for public consultation are being misrepresented – we couldn’t agree more!

Now, whether this is a swipe at our campaign we don’t know, but we are working hard to look at the plans carefully and give you as much information as possible. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Norfolk County Council want you to have enough information to make an informed decisaion and respond to the public consulation correctly.
We exposed a few weeks ago that the plans are not to keep 7 children’s centres, but in fact they are closing every single one of the children’s centres.

As you read news articles and attend the consulation, they talk about how the plans are to have 7 centres across Norfolk, with 1 being in each district. We suspected this wasn’t the case and during a short Q&A with Stuart Dark and his team, one of his officers admitted these will not be 7 children’s centres, they will in fact be operational hubs for staff only – A fact we exposed, but Norfolk County Council carried on hiding this fact.
After being put under pressure, an FAQ document was uploaded to the consultation website, and this showed that this was indeed the case.

So for councillor Stuart Dark to say the plans are being misrepresented is completely correct, they are being misrepresented by Councillor Dark and his team at Norfolk County Council. The consutlation has been based on mis-information and designed to ensure you can’t give feedback into the consulation in the right way. We feel this is an absolute disgrace, and we encourage you to contact Norfolk County Council to show them you are unhappy.

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