Are we being ignored?

Everytime someone signed our online petition against the closures, our system automatically sent an email to all of the conservative councillors who are on the children’s services committee to notify them, including the chairman of the committee – councillor Stuart Dark.

We have heard from people who have contacted councillor Dark directly, and not had any reply (us included), but thanks to our awesome mail server, we know they haven’t been able to ignore your signatures on our petition.

Thing is, we have been able to trakc all the emails being sent (and there was alot), but one in particular seems to have gotten councillor Darks attention.

We know the councillors have been reading your emails from our petition, but on Monday 12th November at 8:42am, one of you signed the petition – for some reason this really got the attention of Stuart Dark becuase we can see the email has been opened 105 times!

Firstly, we must stress, that doesn’t mean that councillor dark has opened it himself 105 times, our email system doesn’t show us who is opening it, it could be that councillor Dark has forwarded that particular email and several people have opened it, but it’s highly unusual that it would be looked at that much, none of the others have been opened anywhere near that often (but we can see they have been getting read).

It was last opened on the 16th November at 3:36pm. It really does make us wonder, how can they ignore this? Just because the consultation is over, it doesn’t mean we will stop our campaign.

It’s a shame that councillor Dark wouldn’t speak to us when we invited him to take part in an interview – we will let you draw your own conclusions from that!

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