Complain to the council

There are several ways you can help stop this plan.

  1. Take part in the consultation.
    This is an official consultation, the council by law has to do a consultation and we need you to complete this consultation and show them the plan should be stopped.
  2. E-Mail the ‘Have Your Say’
    You can send an email to outlining how you feel about the closures.
  3. Sign our petition.
    By signing our petition, a copy will be sent directly to the conservative Norfolk County Council. Each conserative member of the Childrens Services Committee (listed below) will be emailed a copy of your signature.
  4. Email the councillors directly.
    Below are the conservative members of the childrens committee at Norfolk County Council.  We would actively encourage you to email them all directly and explain to them in your own personal view why this plan affects you and why you feel it shouldn’t happen.

    ChairpersonResigned, 24th September 2018.
    Penny Carpenter –
    Vice Chairperson / Interim Chairperson
    Stuart Dark –
    > John Fisher –
    > Ron Hanton –
    > Graham Middleton –
    > Joe Mooney –
    > Barry Stone –
    > Victor Thomson –
    > Judy Oliver –

  5. Contact the councillors on social media.
    The Norfolk Conservative Party –
    Councillor Joe Mooney –
    Judy Oliver –  
    Barry Stone –