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On Monday 12 November 2018, Norfolk County Council closed the public consultation. We have given a copy of the petition to Norfolk County Council and this has been accepted as part of the consultation.

However, this doesn't mean that we will stop our campaign.  We have therefore created 2 new petitions, and would ask you to sign them too!

Petition number 1

Please sign to oppose the proposals being put forward by Norfolk County Council to close children's centres across Norfolk.
By signing this petition, a notification will be sent directly to the Conservatives councillors reponsible for these proposals, and the leader of the council.


The list of signatures will be submitted to Norfolk County Council before the deadline closes at midnight (Monday 12th November).


In the meantime, please do sign our other petitions. These currently have no close dates and we will keep these running for as long as neccassary.


Petition number 2

Please sign to encourage Councillor Graham Plant to take part in a debate, as he called for himself in the media.

By signing this petition, a notification will be sent directly to councillor Plant, along with Norfolk County Council press team.

Debate Request


Dear Councillor Plant,

Following on from your remarks in local media calling for a debate in regards to the proposals put forward by the children's services committee at Norfolk County Council, we call on you to accept the proposal being put forward to allow for a cross party group with the inclusion of parent service users and chaired by an independent person with expertise and stature, therefore allowing proposals to be put together for the future of children's centres in Norfolk.

However, as part of this we would need to see you suspend the current work going on with contractors and withdraw the exisiting proposals.

Save SureStart Campaign

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Petition number 3

Please sign to show your concerns over the concerns of the tactics being used to access other councillors emails, led by the chairman of Children's Services, therefore making it difficult for us to trust the information being given out on the children's services proposals.
By signing this petition, a notification will be sent directly to the Stuart Dark and the chief executive of the council, along with Norfolk County Council press team.

Investigation questions


Dear Councillor Dark,

Following the story released by Archant, we are concerned about the implications of privacy and trust within the conservative run Norfolk County Council.

As you led the investigation and you are now chair of the children's services committee, this raises major questions about whether the proposals for children's centres can be trusted and that our ability to take what you say seriously has been dented.

We hereby request you publicly answer the following questions:

- What permission/assistance did Mr Dark recieve from the council over this investigation?
- Did an officer or officers give him permission to access email accounts?
- Was legal advice sought before permission was granted? If so, from whom and what was the legal advice? How does this all fit with the Data Protection Act and the council's constitution?
- Was this not a party matter, rather than a matter for council staff to be involved in?
- How was Mr Dark able to access accounts?
- Did staff assist? If so, who, and what assistance was given?
- Who granted permission for council staff to be used an on what grounds?

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